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Our shop on Irányi street

   Address: 1056 Budapest, Irányi u. 20.
   Phone number:  +36 20 / 627 - 95 - 25
   E-mail address:
   Opening hours:  from Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:30
2019.07.02 we are closed.

Payments options:
You can pay by cash or cards. We accept OTP and K&H cafetria cards.

Accepted cards types: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic,Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron


From Ferenciek square 2 minutes by walk, from Astoria 5 minutes by walk, from Deák Ferenc square 10 minutes by walk.
You can reach Ferenciek square easily: M3 metro or buses: 5, 7, 8E, 15, 110, 133E, 178

Parking facilities:

Veres Pálné street, Curia street, Reáltanoda street. 440 huf / hour

A blue line marked parking spaces.

All roads lead to the Maszka! :)

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