Rental conditions

For renting costumes we make a contract and for that we need your identity card or passport!
Depending on rented item we ask for deposit 1.000-30.000 HUF, what is refundable if you return the costume! 
We can give you more detailed information by e-mail or phone.

We make contract with everybody who rent costume from us. In that case, when the costume price is higher than the avarege or in the same time you want more costume we will need your ID card or passport.We can make contract with those people who is older than 18 years old.

You can take our costumes from that current week to the next week Monday for 1 rental price.

The rental period in normally is around 3 days, but from Friday to Monday means 1 time also.
When we make contract with our client in every situation we fixed together that date when you can take off the costume and when you have to bring back.

The costumes has different rental price and security deposit, you can see these price on our website.

You can find next to the product : That one is availabe or not, and which shop is that where you can achieve.

The security deposit depends on the rental subject, but we give back when you bring back that one. You can see this price of  the product on our website. In that situation, when somebody rents more coustume or accessories we can give some discount from the deposit. You can pay with card and cash too. 

Even if you need the costume in one latest time, you can reserve that one with the half of the rental fee.

Even if you stay have any question you can write to us in this email address:

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